Hiring for labour and trades on the GSS Civil Works will be done through the unions signatory to AFDE.

AFDE has signed a labour agreement for the work with the Construction and Specialized Workers Union (CSWU) Local 1611, the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 115, and the Construction Maintenance and Allied Workers (CMAW). As part of this agreement, AFDE has committed to prioritize hiring locally and within British Columbia (BC), as well as providing opportunities for apprentices.

For labour and trade positions, AFDE will be hiring directly from the unions. The main positions we will be recruiting for are Labourers, Carpenters, and Operators. Please follow the links below to contact the respective union hall for the positions listed:

Construction & Specialized Workers Union (CSWU) Local 1611

  • General Labour and Skilled Labourers
  • Concrete Specialists
  • Labour Foremen
  • Apprentice Labourers
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International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 115

  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Crane Operators
  • Batch Plant Operators
  • Equipment Mechanics
  • Apprentice Operators
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Construction Maintenance and Allied Workers (CMAW)

  • Journeyperson Carpenters experienced in formwork
  • Apprentice Carpenters
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Are you thinking about a career in the trades? As part of AFDE’s labour agreement, AFDE has committed to providing opportunities for apprentices.

As there is no one single apprenticeship pathway in the construction industry, we are working with our signatory unions to deliver multiple apprenticeship opportunities. AFDE also promotes the use of available programs that provide apprenticeship opportunities to assist those who would like to pursue a career in construction trades.

To learn more about becoming an apprentice, contact the unions signatory to AFDE via the links provided above.

Pre-employment Screening and Site Access Requirements

After being made a formal offer of employment and prior to being granted access to site, the new hire must complete the mandatory pre-access drug and alcohol testing. This will be arranged through AFDE’s human resources team prior to the new hire’s first day of work. Once the testing is completed and AFDE is satisfied with the results, AFDE will confirm the employee’s start date on site. Where applicable, AFDE’s travel coordination team will also proceed with booking flights and camp accommodations.

When the new hire arrives on site for their first day of work, they will participate in a mandatory site and safety orientation prior to commencing any work on site. AFDE’s human resources, travel and safety teams will work with the new hire to arrange for the necessary requirements to commence work on site, and will assist in guiding individuals through the pre-employment screening and onboarding process.