April 25, 2019

One Year in, it’s Full Steam Ahead for AFDE Partnership

April marks AFDE’s one-year anniversary of working on the GSS Civil Works in Fort St. John, BC.

When the first AFDE team members arrived last April, the site looked utterly different than it does today. In April 2018, snow still covered portions of the site.

While the snow melted, AFDE and our subcontractors quickly cleared and prepared the site. Office trailers soon arrived, which are now full of staff and bustling with activity. Support buildings, such as the fabrication shop, warehouse, and batch plants, went up. And later in the summer, formwork and rebar began to be erected and concrete placement commenced in the powerhouse.

The site is now a hub of building activity, with tower cranes rising high above the work site, concrete being placed in the powerhouse, structural steel going up in the service bay, and the intakes and penstocks area being prepared for imminent construction. To date, AFDE has placed over 30,000 m3 of concrete—that’s about 12 Olympic size swimming pools’ worth of concrete—and represents 25% of the first stage concrete.

GSS Civil Works is on time, on budget, and we have worked over 1 million hours with everyone going home safe to their families. This is an accomplishment everyone at AFDE is proud of.

AFDE has a big few years ahead. As we ramp up construction, we are ready to meet any challenge and build a lasting legacy for British Columbia!

Wondering what the site looked like when we arrived vs. now? Here are a couple of comparison photos.

AFDE’s Main Site Offices

Laydown Area, Fabrication Shop, Electrical Shop, and Warehouse

Concrete Production and Laydown Area

Powerhouse Work Site and Laydown Area