November 6, 2018

GSS Civil Works – Work Progress Update

As fall and winter descend on the Site C work site, we would like to showcase our team’s achievements this first construction season.

Since beginning on-site preparatory work in late March 2018, our team has:

  • Erected offices and support buildings in our main works areas (powerhouse and laydown areas);
  • Moved into our main offices on site, located adjacent to the Two Rivers Lodge, as well as the other office areas around the work site;
  • Secured contracts with strong contractors and suppliers, including indigenous, local, and regional companies;
  • Assembled and commissioned the crushing operation, which involves mining and then crushing mineral deposits on site (rock, gravel, sand) to feed into the batch plant; and
  • Set up two batch plants.

In August, we began permanent construction of the powerhouse—one month ahead of schedule! Since then, formwork continues to be erected, and rebar, grounding, and embedded piping is being installed prior to concrete placement in the powerhouse. This year our construction team is concentrating on placing concrete in units 1, 3, 5 (of the 6 powerhouse units) and the service bay.

We have hired an experienced initial crew to take us into the winter season. In spring 2019, we expect to begin to increase concrete production and hire additional labour to make that happen. We are extremely proud of our team and our accomplishments thus far!

To date, we have:
  • Worked over 350,000 person-hours with zero lost time; and
  • Poured 10,500 m3 of concrete!

We look forward to a safe and productive winter season as these numbers continue to climb!

The photos below showcase our work, April through October 2018.

Office trailer delivery and set up in AFDE’s area adjacent to Two Rivers Lodge (April 2018)

Preparing our laydown areas prior to building erection (April 2018).

Our field engineers out on an inspection prior to concrete placement for a support building slab (May 2018).

Concrete slab placement for a support building (May 2018).

Our skilled carpenters building shelving to outfit the main offices (June 2018).

Making our first batch of concrete (June 2018).

Concrete trial placement on the South Bank (July 2018).         Operating AFDE’s boom truck (July 2018).


Placing concrete for the carpenter shop apron (August 2018).

Tower crane erection (August 2018).    

Powerhouse and AFDE’s laydown area (August 2018).

ADFE laydown area, with carpenter shop, warehouse, offices, and pre- assembly tower crane parts (August 2018).

Installing formwork in the powerhouse (August 2018).

Concrete placement in the powerhouse service bay (September 2018).

Powerhouse work areas being winterized (September 2018).

Lining up to receive concrete from the batch plant (September 2018).

Aggregate for concrete production (September 2018).

Rebar installation in the Powerhouse (October 2018).

Rebar installation in the Powerhouse – Thank you AFDE Team (October 2018).